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The Midwest's Premier Heat Exchanger Fabrication and Maintenance Facility

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The efficiency of the heat transfer process is impacted by residual deposits, which may also damage the tubes, and cause leakage which leads to profit reductions, either by the reduction of production levels or by the increase of the cost of production due to the greater energy expenditure. With the ultrasonic cleaning method, we can clean the dirtiest residual deposits and restore the tubes for better performance.

We can clean and scale foreign deposits with high pressure water of up to 40,000 PSI (2,760 bar).

To handle a range of scenarios and problems, we own a wide selection of hydro jetting equipment to customised nozzles, machines, and pressures to achieve optimal results. We also have fully automated solutions such as the shell side bundle blaster and rotating cleaning system. Hydro jetting offers a powerful solution for external cleaning of heat exchangers, tube bundles and air fin coolers.

Pegasus Industrial Midwest is a fully-integrated fabrication and maintenance facility. Our engineering team, combined with a strict quality control program, ensures that all of our services meet ASME and National Board requirements. Our services include replacement inkind bundles, new heat exchangers, bundle retubing, and repairs for all bundles, tube sheets, channel heads, and other associated components.

Pegasus is proud to offer the following repair services for your engineered equipment: Code Weld Repairs to Pressure Vessels, Machining of Tube Sheets, Flange Faces, Shell Repairs, Fin Fan Cooler Retubes, and Heat Exchanger Bundle Retubes.

The Pegasus transportation team maintains a DOT Compliant fleet of fully contained custom transport trailers. That allows Pegasus to transport the dirtiest of bundles and quickly respond to our client’s needs throughout the Midwest.

With our QA/QC department and our in house eddy current testing crews, you’ll be able to assess the condition of your bundles faster and more cost effective than any traditional service. this allows you to make educated decisions on your most important assets.

with over 35 years of experience, our company has provided customers across Illinois and Northwest Indiana with premier steel fabrication and construction services.

Pegasus has angle roll machines that we use to bend metal into different shapes. Our team is very good at using these machines to shape I beams, Tubes, or Pipes. We can do basic or complex shapes. With our state of the art machines and attention to detail we have the ability to do big or small projects.

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Facility Specs

pegasus Industrial Midwest

Bourbonnais, IL
60,000 ft² facility capable of receiving large volumes and sizes

•⁠ ⁠Capable of supporting large TAs, ~ 50 HX cleaning/wk.
•⁠ ⁠Adequate space for inspection, repair, storage
•⁠ ⁠Temperature controlled environment capable of supporting clients 24/7 all seasons
Over 10,000 Sqft of Contained Industrial Cleaning, 6 Overhead Bridge Cranes with over 60,000 Ibs of Crane Capacity
Waste Water Treatment
Proprietary Water Recycling Facility
Equipment and capabilities

getting the job done.

U stamp, National Board: R Stamp
Stainless Steel, Carbon, Chrome Alloys, & Specialty Alloys
Lincoln STT, MIG, FCAW, GTAW, Wire Feed, GTAW, SubArc Weld Machines
Industrial Cleaning Equipment
Ultrasonic Bath, OD 100GPM Automated Bundle Cleaning, Multi Lance Automated ID Cleaning Machines, Propietary Water Treatment Facility
Plasma Tables, 230 Ton Hydralic Press Brake, APK Heavy Series Angle Rolls, Automated Welding, CNC Quick Drills, Retubing and Tube Plugging
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Pegasus Logo

Pegasus Industrial Midwest

Located at: 5485 N 5000E Rd, Bourbonnais, IL  60914

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