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Formulated for heavy-duty industrial ultrasonic applications

What is Ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic Cleaning is a process of cleaning of the surface of immersed parts by transmitting ultrasonic waves through the liquid The combination of chemical, heat, agitation, and ultrasonic power has proven to be an effective way in removing industrial scale, calcium deposits, rust, and carbonised oils from the tubes and other cavities within heat exchangers.


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Reducing Water Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaning Results

How Ultrasonic Cleaning Works?

The efficiency of the heat transfer process is impacted by residual deposits, which may also damage the tubes, and cause leakage which leads to profit reductions, either by the reduction of production levels or by the increase of the cost of production due to the greater energy expenditure. With the ultrasonic cleaning method, we can clean the dirtiest residual deposits and restore the tubes for better performance.

Benefits of the ultrasonic cleaning

The ultrasonic cleaning process offers significant advantages over traditional methods, notably through reduced labor costs for our clients and a minimal environmental footprint compared to alternatives like high water consumption and steam cleaning, which often lead to issues with contaminated water.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning is suitable for


Ultrasonic Cleaning


Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultimate Chemical for Effective Ultrasonic Cleaning

Formulated for heavy-duty industrial ultrasonic applications.

Ultrasonic cleaning with a trusted/proven chemistry is scientifically proven to deliver much better cleaning in a shorter and more environmentally friendly with much lower water usage and waste generation

storing chemical

Delivering Improved                          Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology                       Same level of trusted             

Cleaning Results               =                and decades of heat exchanger       +         plant TA and chemical de-

 every time                                                                     knowledge                                               inventorying expertise

Enquire about your cleaning problems, and we will offer the most effective solutions.

We provide high-quality cleaning products, Sonic Boom which offers you with the solvent that best meets your needs, as well as the most appropriate cleaning machinery and equipment for your parts.

These products are designed specifically for any ultrasonic cleaner and are suitable for a wide range of materials, including heat exchanger bundles, compressor rotors, trays, valves, filters, chemical hoses, flame arrestors, complex Equipment Components 

When used in an ultrasonic bath, Sonic Boom will deliver Uclean/U values of 95% or higher, shorten cleaning times, and reduce equipment downtime compared to traditional …”

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